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Cotton towel gauze towel fashion couple towel Yiwu daily necessities Xi ball towel 中文版| Report Item
Cotton towel gauze towel fashion couple towel Yiwu daily necessities Xi ball towel Cotton towel gauze towel fashion couple towel Yiwu daily necessities Xi ball towel Cotton towel gauze towel fashion couple towel Yiwu daily necessities Xi ball towel
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  • Updated: 2018-12-16 10:31
  • About Product:Cotton towel gauze towel fashion lovers towel water absorption performance good green staining can not afford hair do not fade corporate high-end gifts married with salute holiday gift towel can be customized enterprise logo (embroidery costs plus).
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                                   [product name] : tourmaline towel


                                   [product model] : 7202


                                   [product weight] : 97 grams


                                   [product material] : pure cotton


                                   [product specifications] : 34CM*72CM


                                   [packing quantity] : 10 pieces/dozen   Article 320 / piece


                                   【 product color 】 : mix colors randomly










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Warm tips:

   We will conduct strict quality inspection before shipment. If there are still any quality problems that are neglected or omitted, please contact us in time. After verification, we will properly solve the problems for you. Slight jumpers, thread ends and stains are all qualified products. Give an example: wait like the gram of towel product weight, dimension, spin a standard regulation: what the gram weighs error 2.5% belongs to first class product, error 3.5% belongs to first class product, error is qualified product 4.5%, exterior dimension, blemish, besmirch also has allow limits, other say not much. It is difficult to achieve 100% accuracy of textiles, but the smaller the error, the higher the quality grade. Friends who come into contact with this industry for the first time cannot regard it as defective and inferior just because of its weight, size and appearance defects, etc. It is wrong. As long as it is in the scope of textile standards, it is qualified. The quality grade must evaluate with the textile standard rule! You can refer to theTextile industry standard of the People's Republic of China)

About delivery:

Under normal circumstancesThe small order is 15: orders paid before 00 can be sent out in the afternoon, and there will be express information in the evening. Orders paid after 15:00 will be delivered the next day, and the bulk goods will be delivered by logistics!!!

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