обычный хлопок полноценный подарок полотенце, полотенце, полотенце, цвет файл
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  • Основные продукции: Полотенце, хлопок полотенце, полотенце волокна бамбука, хлопка полотенце мальчика полотенцем, пляжное полотенце в внешней торговли, полотенца из микрофибры, прямые поставки супермаркеты, подарок полотенце ad, отель поставки и многое другое.
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  • обычный хлопок полноценный подарок полотенце, полотенце, полотенце, цвет файл
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  • О продукции:хлопок полотенце обычный цвет файл салфетку, полноценный подарок полотенце, полотенце простой, но элегантный щедрые моды толщиной с волос терри не исчезают, высокая цена окрашивание абсорбирующие свойства защиты окружающей среды - это очень хорошо.
Цена за единицу:
больше 10pcs   10.80 yuan/pc
вышеуказанные цены не включаются тарифами, пошлинами НДС и транспортными расходами т.д.
Количество Поставки: 2000pcs
  • Описание
  • Texture of material: Pure cotton
  • Applicable to the crowd: Universal infant other
  • Weight: Other
  • Product categories: Tissue
  • Pattern: Fringe
  • Packing: 45 pcs/ctn
  • Weight: 0.21 kg/ctn

cotton towel plain color file washcloth high-grade gift towel this towel the simple but elegant generous fashion Terry thick off hair do not fade price high staining absorbent properties of environmental protection is very good.

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prior to shipment we will strict quality inspection, if still have omission of quality problems please you to contact us at any time, we verified will give you a proper solution to the problem. The slight jump yarn, thread, minor stains are qualified products. Cite an example: such as towel products grams weight, size, textile standards: gram weight error of 2.5% to first-class products, error of 3.5% belonging to the first-class products, error in 4.5% of qualified products, appearance size, defects, stains and so on is the allowed range of, other not much said. Textile is very difficult to achieve 100% of accuracy, can only say that the smaller the error, the higher the quality level. The initial contact with the friends not only with heavy gram, size does not match, the appearance of blemishes etc., that the product is defective, this is wrong. As long as it is within the scope of the textile standards, even if it is qualified. Quality level should be evaluated by textile standard rules! You can refer to the more detailed ( of the people's Republic of China textile industry standard )

on delivery:

normally small orders before 16:00 payment orders afternoon could be a night to express information after 16:00 payment orders the next day delivery of large goods, both by the logistics delivery!!!

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