48 нефти пастель дети любят посылать своих детей лучший подарок упаковку
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  • 48 нефти пастель дети любят посылать своих детей лучший подарок упаковку
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  • О продукции:48 цвета луны корабль шестиугольник нефти пастельных номер: 1048 размер: кг, 36 в 6 ящиков / коробки / ктс аспект: 59x36x29cm вес: 19.5kg вес: 18kg
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больше 36pcs   19.00 yuan/pc
1pcs ~35pcs   25.00 yuan/pc
вышеуказанные цены не включаются тарифами, пошлинами НДС и транспортными расходами т.д.
Количество Поставки: 500pcs
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  • Packing: 10.5 pcs/ctn
  • Weight: 0.055 kg/ctn

Product information

"Product name": 48 color bamboo oil pastels

"Product": 1048

"Product": height 2CM* width 19CM* length 35CM

"Material": oil pastels is a rod-shaped painted wood, pigment, special mixtures of oil into

"Color": 48 colour

Product show

Product description

                                    Bamboo oil pastels

                                  Name: Moon ship 48 oil pastels

                            Article number: 1048

Outer packing size: height 2CM* width 19CM* length 35CM outer packaging color: green-purple (colors shipped randomly) ingredients: micro-waxes, mixing oil, calcium carbonate, pigment color features: pure fresh and lovely, exquisite details, portable kind, security assurances. Each bamboo oil pastels represent children heart most desired colors, exists for achieving children of color dreams. Harmless, healthy environment, hard to break and easy to wear, easy to carry, the application is very wide, not easy to get dirty. In line with EC EN71-3 safety and health standards Note: do not use mouth to suck or smears of oral, heat, Sun, not placed too near the Sun or warm, devoured by the caution to prevent children under the age of

Products for babies

               Age of 3-7

Product use

When one is used to hold oil pastels, coloring.

Second, is painting, tie up my personal leaning 45 degrees, coated diagonal-shaped back and forth along a direction when painting, the strength to grasp even or uneven paint colors ~ ~ because it is not in the water, can also be mixed with aqueous pigment can get unexpected results. Oil pastel colors to layers, and cannot just be plain ... and others of the same color color color picture would be full of many. Skill is what you are interested in it. Listen to you, conveniently for you, pick the color you like drawing anything you like. Carefully complete the picture. Natural skill in it. Should pay attention to:

1. Using coarser paper drawing, you can use toner paper, sketch painted paper effect is not obvious, but the pursuit of a variety of effects are different, using different techniques of.

2. With a little skill, is not absolute, and they can come up with some.

3. It is important to have good fundamentals and basic color to paint is a good thing, people invented the technique, it can be improved, but the inspiration is not all that

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