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"Factory direct" plated hand Bell rubber covered hand Bell hand-bells dumbbells 中文版| Report Item
"Factory direct" plated hand Bell rubber covered hand Bell hand-bells dumbbells "Factory direct" plated hand Bell rubber covered hand Bell hand-bells dumbbells
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  • Updated: 2014-10-14 10:29
  • About Product:"Factory direct" plated hand Bell rubber covered hand Bell hand-bells dumbbells
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English dumbbell dumbbells weight-lifting and body-building exercises in a kind of auxiliary equipment. Smaller than a barbell. Light dumbbell weight of 6, 8, 12 or 16 pounds (1 pound = 0.4536 kg) and so on. Heavy dumbbell weight of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 kilograms. So favored by the majority of fitness enthusiasts. For practicing without a sound, named the dumbbells.


1, exercise-dumbbell front must carefully select the appropriate weight. 2, practice is designed to build muscle, it is best to select 65%-85% load weights. For example, if you can lift the load is 10 kg, it weighs 6 should be selected. 5 kg-8. 5-kilogram dumbbell exercise. Practice every day 5-8 groups, each group action 6-12 action speed should not be too fast, 2-3-minute intervals for each group. Load is too large or too small, intermittent time is too long or too short, the effect is bad.

Main function: free workout the muscles of the human body (chest muscle, latissimus dorsi, biceps, triceps, and combined with exercise the abdominal and lower limb muscles) dumbbell and barbell is the fitness industry's most Basic and most effective exercise tool.

(A) activities dumbbell
swing Bell at present, electroplating, spraying plastic, rubber covered 3. The total weight of 35-40 kg per pair of dumbbells. Disk has 5 kilograms, 3 kilograms, kg 1.5 kg and l specifications are free to increase. A clamp fixed at both ends of the dumbbell bar, is easy to use and practical, safe and reliable. Plated dumbbells looks shiny, practice

(b) fixed weights
fixed weights has two kinds of plating and painting. It will handle and two iron balls are welded together, and fixed weight. At present, such dumbbell 40 kilograms and 35 kilograms, 30 kilograms, 25 kilograms and 20 kilograms, 15 kilograms, 10 kilograms and 7 kilograms, 5 kilograms, 3 kilograms of 10 kinds of specifications. Since dumbbell weights fixed, when after a weight training strength for some time, you will feel so light, you need to replace the greater weight of the dumbbell; but if the weight of the dumbbell are purchased together, very bulky, so is not suitable for household use.

(C) the bells
bells are two ends of the ball screw in handle (TURNBUCKLE), each weighing about 0.5~1.5 kg. Fitness ball dance with Bell-like sound, sounds pretty sweet, can improve the practitioner's interest, with strong muscles, fat loss exercises to lose weight better. Bell jump fitness disco dancing with, most likely, one in one hand, to increase the sense of power and atmosphere.

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5. contact information:

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